Imakoko means "here and now"  in Japanese (literally now-here) which summarizes our philosophy of offering the immediacy of fresh ingredients combined with flair in the comfort of the home setting.  We also take it as our starting point that being mindful of what is healthy and nutritious is a crucial part of creating any good meal. At Imakoko Japanese Cuisine we use fresh and organic produce whenever possible together with quality traditional Japanese ingredients to create tasty, appetizing dishes that you may not see in restaurants. 

In Japan some of these dishes are called "Ofukuro-no-Aji" which literally means "Mother's flavor".  They typically consist of hearty, tasty dishes which can come in many forms using vegetables from land and sea, grains and beans including tofu, seafood and meat. Our mission at Imakoko Japanese Cuisine is to expand knowledge about the Japanese art of food and reveal the full richness of flavors and wonderful variety of offerings that go beyond traditional sushi and other more familiar Asian dishes.