The Chef

Cooking has been a passion of mine for a long time. Since I moved my home base from Tokyo to London and then to the Bay Area, my interest returned to traditional and modern Japanese culinary art. I also met many people who are  interested in good healthy food and discovered that they are often curious to learn what we Japanese eat at home. In response I started to organize occasional tours of Asian food markets for friends and held tea tasting events. This then led to teaching private classes showing how to do Japanese cooking and how to prepare Japanese sweets in addition to hosting parties featuring multi-course distinctive Japanese meals.

A truly inspiring meal, of course, calls for a certain artistry that goes beyond using quality ingredients, skillful techniques, and fancy serving dishes. Ultimately, though, I believe that fresh seasonal produce prepared with love and care can help to revitalize body and soul.

Ichigo Ichie - "For one time only"

My motto in life is "Ichigo Ichie". It is associated with tea ceremony teachings - no matter how many times the same group of people may gather at the table to dine or to drink tea each meeting is unique. I believe in savoring the individuality of the moment by enhancing the culinary experience. By seeking out colorful, tasty, nutritious, and unusual dishes, by paying great attention to details, and by providing hospitality from the heart, my mission is to bring a sense of joy to everyone through creating satisfying dishes that retain the essence of healthy Japanese traditions.

I hope to have an opportunity to see your smiles at your table some time soon!

Personal Chef